Top Attractions for…

Families with Kids

Keeping the little ones entertained is no problem in Overland Park. The city truly shines as a family-friendly destination, home to engaging museums, interactive exhibits and plenty of parks and playgrounds to run around. Head to the Museum at Prairiefire to spark your kids’ curiosity with their dazzling mix of natural history and cutting-edge exhibits like the iconic Great Weird Picture Show. For some hands-on fun, the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead offers the perfect opportunity for kiddos to get up close with all sorts of barnyard buddies.

Outdoor Adventurers

An urban oasis for nature lovers, Overland Park boasts an impressive array of green spaces just begging to be explored. Embark on a scenic hike along the winding trails at the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens or cast a line at the well-stocked fishing lakes of Morse Park and Meadow Lake Park. You can even unleash your inner daredevil with an afternoon of rock climbing at Rag Mountain Ranch, offering indoor and outdoor climbing routes for adventurers of all skill levels.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking Overland Park is just another sleepy suburb – this place has one heck of a thriving culinary scene! From family-run ethnic joints to trendy hot spots helmed by James Beard-recognized chefs, OvPark’s restaurant game is on fire. Treat your taste buds to farm-fresh American fare at the award-winning Story, dig into fiery Sri Lankan curries at Tent Box, or grab a table at Jarocho South and feast on authentic Mexican seafood specialties. Whatever your cravings, you’ll find the flavors to satisfy them here.

Nightlife Enthusiasts

Overland Park may not have the neon-drenched party scene of the Power & Light District, but this lively locale knows how to put on a helluva night out. Keep it classy with some craft cocktails at McCoy’s Public House or 54th St. Grill & Bar, groove to live music at The Raven’s Club or bust out your vocal chords at Fitz’s Supper Club Open Mic Night. Looking for a wilder time? Knock back a few cold ones at Beer KC Patio, a dog-friendly beer garden that’s hailed as one of the metro’s top-notch hangouts.

Shopping Fanatics

Don’t worry shopaholics – we’ve got you covered! Overland Park is a retail haven stocked with every kind of shopping experience you could want. Those seeking an upscale shopping spree will go gaga for Oak Park Mall and Hawkstone Plaza with their enticing lineup of designer boutiques and big-name brands. Get your bargain hunter’s fix at The Legends Outlets where you’ll score crazy deals on everything from clothing to kitchenware. Cap off your retail romp by scouring the aisles of some beloved local gems like Wilbur’s, a quirky shoppe chock full of whimsical gifts.

History Buffs

Don’t let its sleek modern exterior fool you – Overland Park is a city rich in history just waiting to be uncovered. Take a guided stroll back through time with the Downtown Overland Park Historical Walking Tour, where you’ll get the inside scoop on the area’s early pioneer days, the famed Santa Fe Trail, and OvPark’s agricultural roots. Then cap it off with a visit to the Strang Carriage House, a beautifully preserved 19th-century carriage barn that offers a rare glimpse of life on the Kansas prairie in the 1800s.

How to Get Around Overland Park

While Overland Park’s collection of attractions and hot spots is truly impressive, getting around the city’s sprawling 75 square miles from place to place can be a bit tricky without some planning. This is especially true if you’re trying to coordinate transportation for a larger group – nobody wants to deal with the logistical nightmare of securing enough separate vehicles, keeping everyone together, and finding affordable parking wherever you go.

Public Transportation

OvPark’s public transit system, operated by The JO, runs throughout the city with a few bus lines and transit hubs that will get you to many top destinations. But service can be limited on evenings and weekends, and there’s no quick way to hop from neighborhood to neighborhood if you’re trying to hit multiple spots in one day. That spells wasted time waiting around for transfers that, let’s be honest, nobody needs on their watch.

Taxis and Rideshares

For small groups, calling up an Uber or Lyft is a quick and convenient option – at least at first. But costs can really rack up if your group needs to book separate cars to each place on your Overland Park adventure. And don’t even think about fitting a youth group or corporate outing into one of those tiny rideshare vehicles! Finding affordable transportation for mid- to large-sized parties will quickly send your stress levels into the stratosphere.

Charter Buses

By far the best solution for enjoying a seamless group travel experience around Overland Park? Arranging a private charter bus with the transportation gurus at Overland Park Party Bus. We’ll provide your group with a sleek, modern motorcoach or minibus fully equipped with plush seating, climate control, TVs, and more premium amenities to keep everyone comfortable and entertained on the road. Just sit back and enjoy the ride while our professional team handles all the navigation and parking logistics.

Ready to Get Started?

No matter if you’re a lifelong Kansas City resident or checking out Overland Park for the very first time, there’s so much to uncover in this unexpected gem. From adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures to low-key strolls through charming historic districts and cutting-edge cultural experiences, OvPark delivers a well-rounded feast for the senses. So what are you waiting for? Call Overland Park Party Bus at 785-592-3109 and let our travel experts help you craft the ideal group itinerary to experience the very best of this vibrant Kansas community.