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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

Example School Trip Pricing for Overland Park, Kansas Last spring, Westridge Middle School in Overland Park organized an 8th grade field trip to the Cosmosphere Space Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas – a 3-hour drive each way. With 120 students plus 12 chaperones, they needed a fleet of 3 full-sized charter buses. The charter bus company quoted them $1,800 per bus for the full-day rental, which covered the 6-hour round-trip drive time, as well as having the buses stay on-site during the museum visit. Since it was a school weekday trip in April, they were able to get a 10% education discount, bringing each bus down to $1,620. With 3 buses required at $1,620 each, the total charter bus cost for the Westridge field trip was $4,860. Split between the 132 passengers, it came to just $36.82 per person for a comfortable ride in a modern bus with amenities like A/C, DVD players, and an onboard restroom. While $4,860 seems pricey upfront, the school found it very economical compared to having teachers drive separate vehicles or trying to arrange parent carpools. The charter buses allowed everyone to travel together hassle-free while following transportation regulations for student groups.

Example #2:

A corporate team from Overland Park, Kansas was planning a weekend retreat in Branson, Missouri for team building activities. With 45 employees attending, they needed a charter bus rental to transport everyone comfortably. The trip details: – Pick up location: Overland Park, KS office – Drop off location: Branson, MO hotel – Trip duration: 2 days, 1 night – Distance: Approximately 230 miles each way Based on the group size, distance traveled, and overnight stay, the charter bus company provided this quote: – 56-passenger charter bus rental: $1,800 – Team’s hotel accommodation: $150 – Team gratuity (15%): $270 – Total cost: $2,220 By splitting the total cost among the 45 attendees, the per-person pricing came out to just $49 for luxurious bus transportation and a professional team for the entire corporate retreat. Renting a charter bus ended up being the most affordable and convenient option for this multi-day event. The corporate planners were able to secure an exceptional group travel experience while staying within their budget. Advanced booking allowed them to lock in competitive pricing for the high-quality bus rental.

Example #3:

A youth basketball team in Overland Park, Kansas recently needed transportation to a tournament in St. Louis, Missouri. The team had 12 players, 2 coaches, and several parents attending. They required a bus rental that could comfortably seat around 30 people for the 4-hour drive each way. The team contacted a charter bus company and received a quote for a 30-passenger minibus. For the round-trip journey of approximately 500 miles, the cost was $1,800. This included the rental fee, team’s wages, and fuel costs. Since the tournament spanned 3 days, the team also had to cover the team’s hotel stay for 2 nights at $120 per night. Additionally, there were toll road charges of around $40 each way. In total, the basketball team’s bus rental came to $2,120 for the sports tournament trip from Overland Park to St. Louis and back. By splitting the cost among all travelers, each family only had to pay around $70 per person for the convenient group transportation. While charter bus pricing can vary, this real example illustrates the affordable costs for a youth sports team when shared among all participants. Proper budgeting allows teams to comfortably travel together to out-of-town events.

Example #4:

A middle school in Overland Park, Kansas planned an 8th grade field trip to Kansas City for the day. With 120 students and 10 chaperones, they needed transportation for 130 people total. They opted for a fleet of three 56-passenger charter buses to get everyone to Kansas City and back comfortably. The one-way distance from Overland Park to Kansas City is around 15 miles. For a day trip of this distance with three buses, the charter company quoted: – $800 per bus for the day rental – $50 parking fee per bus in Kansas City – $100 gratuity per bus for the team The total cost came to $2,850 for the three charter buses for the day. When split between the 130 passengers, that’s just under $22 per person for a comfortable group travel experience with no parking hassles. The school paid a 25% deposit to reserve the buses two months in advance during the affordable spring season. They provided the remaining balance a month before the field trip date per the bus company’s policy.

Example #5:

For a recent wedding in Overland Park, Kansas, the bride and groom hired a charter bus company to transport their wedding party and out-of-town guests. They needed transportation from the hotel to the ceremony venue, and then to the reception hall afterwards. The charter bus company provided them with a 56-passenger bus for their group of 45 people. Since the bus would be driving locally for about 5 hours total, they charged an hourly rate of $125 per hour. This came out to $625 for the 5 hours of service. Additionally, the company charged a 20% operation fee to account for insurance, permitting, and other costs. This added $125 to the total. The bride and groom also opted to have the bus stocked with bottled water and champagne for an amenity fee of $75. In the end, their total charter bus rental cost was $825 for seamless transportation on their wedding day in Overland Park. The per-person cost for their 45 guests came out to just $18 each, making it an affordable convenience.

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